Organ - Saint Albans

Anglican Church of Saint Alban The Martyr

443 Dominion Road
An Anglican Church in the Catholic Tradition
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Church history and New Zealand's musical history - our organ has entered both. The second oldest tracker action organ in the country, it was bought in 1873 for St Mary's in Parnell by Bishop Selwyn and dates back to 1860. It is now operated by an electric motor but was originally pumped by hand using a lever still attached to the side of the organ. When water mains were installed, this system was replaced by a double piston water engine. Generally, pipe organs should be reconditioned every 60 years. But the St Alban's organ never had a major overhaul until 1986, when fundraising from highly successful Centennial concerts and an anonymous donation of $15,000 made its repair possible.

The sound from the organ is fulsome and brilliant, especially when played by our current Organist Jenny Barris Wheeler. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have Jenny in this capacity, who with her husband Warren, provide a great deal of time, energy and love to the Parish and our activities. We are also grateful to those visiting organists and choirs who find worship to be very uplifting when providing the music for our liturgies, ably assisted by the organ itself.

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